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Episode 76 – 737 Crash in Hawaii

Greg and John discuss breaking news of a 737 crash in Hawaii…
UAP Report Cover

Episode 75 – UAPs in the News

This episode focuses on the US Navy report on Unidentified Aerial…

Episode 74 – Alarming Passenger Behavior Threatens Flight Safety

Todd Curtis of joins John and Greg for a look at…
Elwood Driver of NTSB shows the nut and bolt that broke on American Airlines Flight 191, causing the engine to fall from the DC-10, May 27, 1979. Driver was holding a press conference at the Sheraton O'Hare Hotel, showing a fatigue fracture of the pylon bolt. (Don Casper/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

Episode 73 – Accident 42 Years Ago Has Safety Lessons Today

Airports are humming again with COVID restrictions being lifted.…
John Goglia serves as a guest lecturer at University of Nebraska circa 2000.

Episode 72 – Attracting Under-Served Communities to Aviation Careers

Rebecca Lutte from University of Nebraska and Cassandra Bosco…
Charlie Taylor and Wilbur Wright attach a canoe onto a new Flyer at Governor's Island New York, October 1909, by George Grantham Bain Collection - Library of Congress Catalog

Episode 71 – Tribute to Charles Taylor the Father of Aircraft Maintenance

This special episode celebrates the legacy of Charlie Taylor…

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