Episode 8 – An Insider Look at NTSB Aircraft Accident Investigations

John and Greg take listeners inside NTSB aircraft accident investigations.…

Episode 7 – Distracted Flying in Commercial and General Aviation Creates Room for Error

Accidents and other issues created by distracted driving make…

Episode 6 – Cultural Differences in Airline Training, Experience and Decision-Making

Pilot training and confidence is everything when it comes to…

Episode 5 – Flight Safety and the Role of Airplane Maintenance

Flight safety Detectives Greg Feith and John Goglia welcome…

Episode 4 – Deconstructing the NTSB 737 Max Safety Recommendations

In their latest podcast (#4) Former NTSB Board Member John Goglia…

Episode 3 – Who’s Accountable and What Caused the Ethiopian Airlines Crash?

“In the US we have the NTSB which is an independent investigative…

Greg Feith and John Goglia, the Flight Safety Detectives

World-renowned aviation industry consultants and former NTSB investigators John Goglia and Greg Feith have 100 years of worldwide aviation safety experience between them. In this hard-hitting podcast series, they offer the ultimate insider view of everything aviation safety including behind-the-scenes facts on deadly air crashes and issues impacting general aviation and the commercial airline industry.

5 star Review for Flight Safety Detectives

Your breakdown of the Lion Air Max accident has been the best I’ve heard. It’s not about pinning blame. It’s about education and prevention.

“Best show ever on the tube”

“Your analysis of the preliminary report into the Lion Air 610 was brilliant.”

“I enjoy the podcast. As your average passenger it’s a comfort to know that there are people working hard to ensure safety.”

“My favourite channel”

“Your podcasts are fantastic ! It’s really great to hear You and John discussing aviation subjects in such fine detail!”

“Excellent podcasts and detailed information. Keep up the brilliant work. Respect to you both from Scotland.”

Your show is just fantastic. I’m in my 50th year as a pilot, to include missionary flying in Africa, 30 years with American, and still flying a 604. Nothing I listen to can beat the down-to-earth wisdom and insight you guys bring.


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