Invisible Sky illustrates lack of NTSB resources for general aviation investigations

Episode 53 – Crash Illustrates Shortcomings of NTSB General Aviation Accident Investigations

The NTSB investigation of the tragic 2006 crash of a single-engine…
Whole Aircraft Rescue Parachute System

Episode 52 – All You Need to Know About Whole Aircraft Rescue Parachute Systems

More than 430 lives have been saved by the BRS Whole Aircraft…
Photo by Edwin Leong

Episode 51 – Piloting Issues in Business and Charter Aviation

Experienced pilot Bob Jenkins joins Greg and John for this look…
Bolt wear in Piper wing spar

Episode 50 – Piper Wing Spar Corrosion Examined

Guest Jason Lukasik, president of JL2 Aviation Consultants and…
Assessing Cognitive Function in Pilots

Assessing Cognitive Function in Pilots – Episode 49

Special guest is Dr Chuck Dennison, a forensic and aviation…
Drugs Impact Aviation Safety & WTF Segment Begins

Episode 48 – Drugs Impact Aviation Safety & WTF Segment Begins

John and Greg kick off this episode with a new segment – WTF.…

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