Rental Aircraft Safety

Episode 59 – Rental Aircraft Safety

John and Greg talk about special considerations for pilots who…
Piper single engine aircraft safety issues

Episode 58 – Piper Safety Issues, Kobe Bryant Crash, Indonesia 737-500 Crash

John and Greg catch listeners up with some major aviation news.…
FAA and Building a Safety Culture

Episode 57 – The FAA and Building a Safety Culture

The FAA’s role in flight safety has evolved over the years.…
FAA Struggles Following 737 Max Issues

Episode 56 – FAA Struggles Following 737 Max Issues

The FAA has taken a hit following high-profile crashes of the…
Complacency Hitting Aviation Safety

Episode 55 – Complacency Hitting Aviation Safety from NTSB to the Cockpit

Is complacency seeping into all areas of aviation safety? From…
Light Sport Aircraft Safety

Episode 54 – Light Sport Aircraft Safety

Light Sport Aircraft are the focus of this discussion. Changes…

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