News about Flight Safety Detectives Greg Feith and John Goglia

FAA Outage – Cyberattack?

News Nation got Greg Feith’s professional opinion on the Federal Aviation Administration computer system outage that prompted a nationwide ground halt.

‘Premature’ to rule out cyberattack on FAA: Ex-NTSB official, January 11, 2023

35 years later: Remembering the Stapleton Airport crash of Flight 1713

Greg Feith contributed to a 9NEWS report on Stapleton Airport crash of Flight 1713. Greg serves as the outlet’s the aviation safety expert

“In this case, the crew departed the gate without a taxi clearance,” Feith said. “So that began the ball of confusion with regard to the position of this airplane.”

35 years later: Remembering the Stapleton Airport crash of Flight 1713, 11/15/2022

Greg Feith and John Goglia, the Flight Safety Detectives

Wire Mesh on Commercial Engines

John Goglia is a quoted expert in an article about using wire mesh to deal with bird strikes on commercial engines.

Could Engine Mesh Covers Help Prevent Bird Strikes?, Simple Flying, November 2022

Greg Feith in Simulator at Boeing

Greg Feith Cited Expert in USA Today Article

Always wanting to get the facts straight, Greg Feith was the perfect expert for this USA Today article linking flight experience to proof that the Earth is flat. Fact check: False claim planes flying ‘straight and level’ prove the Earth is flat, USA Today, 10/31/22

Credit: KUSA - Alex Castillo

Greg Feith Provides Expert Insight into Weekend Fatal Air Crash

Three people are confirmed dead after midair collision in Colorado’s Boulder County this weekend. Greg Feith has provided some of the immediate analysis of the air crash.

“You have to look again, first and foremost at each aircraft for any kind of mechanical malfunction, failure or anomalies that would cause or contributed to the accident,” he said, adding that the other factor includes looking at the avionics of each plane, including the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS).

“That uses transponder information and the transponder basically pings a signal from the airplane. It’s picked up by air traffic control radar so that your plane can be identified by the number, altitude and ground speed. But the technology also lets airplanes communicate among each other. So now the same ping goes off between point or one airplane to the other,” Feith explained.

Read the full article, 3 confirmed dead after midair collision in Boulder County

Image Credit: KUSA – Alex Castillo

Greg Feith Tapped for Expert Analysis for July Plane Crash in Boulder County

Serving as 9NEWS aviation analyst, Greg Feith provides expert insight into a recent Boulder County plane crash.

“It’s very rare to find a fixed-winged airplane in the mountains doing any kind of tours just because of the limited performance they have, especially during the summertime,” said Feith. “There aren’t too many fixed-winged, or airplane, tours especially in the mountains because they’re less maneuverable than the helicopters.”

Read the full article.

Greg Feith Tapped as 9News Aviation Expert

Greg Feith is 9News go-to aviation expert.

How extreme heat and altitude affect airplanes in Colorado, 9News, 7/12/22

“Feith said the best time to travel in summer is in the morning or late evening because take-offs are easier and smoother. And you can also avoid a lot of the turbulence, like the wind shear diverted 51 planes on Sunday.”

Extreme wind shear diverts planes from Denver, 9News, 7/11/22

“When you encounter severe wind shear, it’s like a bucking bronco in some cases,” 9NEWS aviation expert Greg Feith said. “The plane will start bouncing up and down, and usually, the pilot will have to make large manual control movements to power through the winds.”