News about Flight Safety Detectives Greg Feith and John Goglia

9News: Pilots have reported more than 150 bird strikes in Denver so far this year

When 9News covered the increase in bird strikes at the Denver Airport, they turned to Greg Feith.

“[Denver International Airport] does have an issue with birds because of the landfill that’s in close proximity. Landfills draw birds, birds are in the immediate vicinity,” Feith said.

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Mind the Gap!

John Goglia was a presenter at the Westchester Aviation Association event, “Mind the Gap: Navigating a Changing Industry,” in June.

In the Maintenance Challenges section, John shared the dangers of the knowledge gap and complacency in aviation.

Teaching Human Factors in Aviation

John Goglia recently spoke to the AMP Mechanics class at Cape Cod Community College about human factors in aviation.

John Goglia's Column for AIN

New Bill Could Curtail Offshoring U.S. Aircraft Maintenance

John Goglia is a quoted expert on Aviation Week’s article, New Bill Could Curtail Offshoring U.S. Aircraft Maintenance.

The article covers a bill introduced in the U. S. House of Representatives could make using foreign repair stations more difficult or expensive and, in some cases, impossible. The bill is similar to a 2022 bill passed by the House in September, but which the Senate ultimately referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. The new bill, however, may have a better shot at passing—it is backed by unions and at least one neutral observer, but opposed by airlines, U.S. shops and aerospace OEMs.

Former National Transportation Safety Board member John Goglia supports H.R. 1716, arguing that the FAA has not been monitoring performance at foreign repair stations frequently and effectively enough. Goglia says airlines have cut back on staff permanently stationed at foreign repair stations to monitor performance. He also believes that, despite data on foreign repair station defects being reported to the FAA, it will be difficult for the public to access.

Goglia also strongly backs drug and alcohol testing for foreign repair stations, pointing out that this policy has long applied to U.S. MRO providers. Technicians in the U.S. are subject to drug tests before they are hired and randomly throughout their careers when there is reasonable cause for a test or after an accident. In 2022, less than 2% of worker tests came back positive for one or more drugs, and about 1% of tests revealed a blood alcohol level of at least .02, according to the FAA.

John & Greg Offer Accident Investigation Course

John Goglia and Greg Feith recently conducted an accident investigation course for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Celebrating National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

John Goglia celebrated National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day and Charlie Taylor’s birthday at Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach College of Aviation.  Alan Stolzer presented John  the prestigious award of the Aviator’s Scarf!

FedEx Express Wins 2023 William F. O’Brien Award for Second Consecutive Year

Teams of aircraft maintenance professionals descended into Atlanta for the annual Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) presented by Snap-on, and for the second consecutive year, FedEx Express demonstrated why they are the best.

John Goglia is a founding organizer of the competition.

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