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Maintainers, assemble!

Aerospace Manufacturing & Design covered this year’s Aerospace Maintenance Competition. The AMC is the brainchild of John Goglia and Ken MacTiernan. Their goal was to create an event that shines a spotlight on technicians and demonstrates the critical role they play every day.

During the past decade, the industry’s best aircraft technicians have embraced this opportunity to network and show off their work ensuring the safety of the flying public. Some teams have attended since the beginning, some are new this year, but all appreciate the legacy of this competition and how it celebrates the knowledge, skills, and integrity of maintenance professionals.

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How to minimize turbulence during a flight across Colorado

Greg Feith lends his aviation expertise to this piece from KJCT.

“Pilots will warn passengers, ‘Hey, we’re about to get into an area of turbulence. Keep your seatbelt fastened because we don’t want you flying up to the ceiling because the bottom will drop out,” said aviation expert Greg Feith.

How to minimize turbulence during a flight across Colorado, March 7, 2023

John Goglia's Column for AIN

Black Box Technology Examined

John Goglia lent his professional insight to a recent article in Afar Magazine:

Some experts, such as former NTSB member and aviation safety consultant John Goglia, say the black box technology has worked so well—and the instances where it hasn’t are so rare—that the industry shouldn’t rush to reinvent it. “The data they’ve given us has been able to solve almost any accident, anywhere in the world,” he says. “That’s an incredible record.”

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Greg in the simulator at Boeing Headquarters in Seattle.

The dangers of clear-air turbulence

Greg Feith is an interviewed expert for the 9News coverage of the phenomenon of clear air turbulence that impacts pilots and planes.

Dangers of Clear Air Turbulence, 3/7/23

Fox Rothschild’s 17th Annual Aviation Symposium

Fox Rothschild’s 17th Annual Aviation Symposium

John Goglia was an expert panelist at Fox Rothschild’s 17th Annual Aviation Symposium held

The three-day event was packed with networking opportunities and outstanding educational content. regarding aviation issues.

FAA Outage – Cyberattack?

News Nation got Greg Feith’s professional opinion on the Federal Aviation Administration computer system outage that prompted a nationwide ground halt.

‘Premature’ to rule out cyberattack on FAA: Ex-NTSB official, January 11, 2023

35 years later: Remembering the Stapleton Airport crash of Flight 1713

Greg Feith contributed to a 9NEWS report on Stapleton Airport crash of Flight 1713. Greg serves as the outlet’s the aviation safety expert

“In this case, the crew departed the gate without a taxi clearance,” Feith said. “So that began the ball of confusion with regard to the position of this airplane.”

35 years later: Remembering the Stapleton Airport crash of Flight 1713, 11/15/2022