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Time: Fliers Are More Worried About Plane Safety Even as Air Travel Remains as Safe as Ever

John Goglia is a featured expert in the May 23, 2024 Time article, “Fliers Are More Worried About Plane Safety Even as Air Travel Remains as Safe as Ever”

“There is reason for the public to be concerned but I think the concern is elevated because of the real focus that some news stations have given,” said John Goglia, an aviation safety expert and former member of the National Transportation Safety Board. “The wheel falling off the aeroplane never would have gone anywhere; in some local newspapers it may have been a one-inch column.”

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John Goglia's Column for AIN

WABI5: Independence of NTSB aviation investigations questioned over reliance on outside help

John Goglia is a cited expert in this news article.

Throughout his career spanning half a century, including almost a decade as an NTSB board member, John Goglia participated in countless aviation crash investigations — including the catastrophic TWA-800 explosion in 1996 that sent an airplane bound for Paris into the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, he offers his expertise in other ways, including through a flight safety podcast he started with other aviation experts where they discuss crash investigations and their takeaways.

Goglia said he believes the NTSB risks missing potentially critical details about what led to a crash when they don’t have an on-scene presence during an investigation.

“We often say [on the podcast] that the NTSB hit the big red easy button for some of the probable causes just to just to move it along,” he said.

Goglia said he takes issue with the inherent assertion that on-scene efforts by the FAA are equivalent to what would be done by an NTSB investigator.

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Southwest Wins Top Honors At 2024 Aerospace Maintenance Competition

In its largest year to date, the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) made its way to the Windy City and blew through several records.

Taking place April 9-11 at MRO Americas in Chicago, the AMC had a record 90 teams from across the industry competing in 27 maintenance skill events. A record number of female competitors participated this year, including six all-female teams and the competition’s first all-female military team.

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FAA investigating reports of ‘unauthorized person in the flight deck’ on Rockies flight

9news reports that a video posted to social media appears to show a member of the Colorado Rockies coaching staff sitting in one of the two pilot’s seats of a United airline flight.

9NEWS aviation expert Greg Feith said the responsibility lies with the airline and the pilots.

“The regulations are very clear, especially after 9/11 that no unauthorized persons are allowed in that cockpit and they are definitely not allowed to occupy a pilot position,” he said.  “This is on the airline and the two pilots.”

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NTSB releases revised report on cause of plane crash that killed Louisville City FC founder

The National Transportation Safety Board recently published a revised report for a plane crash that killed three people, including the founder of Louisville City FC, in southern Indiana in 2018.

LouCity founder Wayne Estopinal, Sandra Holland Johnson, 54, of Shreveport, Louisiana and pilot Andrew Davis, 32, of Sellersburg, Indiana, died in a crash after taking off from Clark Regional Airport in Jeffersonville.

Two years ago, a final crash report said a malfunction with the left winglet caused an issue during the flight and the pilot was unable to recover. But, in an updated report released on Feb. 23, NTSB said there wasn’t enough evidence to attribute the cause of the crash to winglets.

“The available evidence for this accident does not sufficiently show that the ATLAS was the cause of the in-flight upset from which the pilot was unable to recover,” NTSB stated.

Greg Feith, a former NTSB senior air safety investigator said the original report was far from complete and that the board failed to do its job.

“I don’t think they did their job in that particular investigation,” Feith said.

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Boeing 737Max

With all the recent headlines about panels and tires falling off planes, is flying safe?

The Anchorage Daily News quoted John Goglia in an article about aviation safety.

“We take every event seriously,” former NTSB member John Goglia said, citing such vigilance as a contributor to the current crash-free streak. “The challenge we have in aviation is trying to keep it there.”

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