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Greg Feith Tapped for Expert Analysis for July Plane Crash in Boulder County

Serving as 9NEWS aviation analyst, Greg Feith provides expert insight into a recent Boulder County plane crash.

“It’s very rare to find a fixed-winged airplane in the mountains doing any kind of tours just because of the limited performance they have, especially during the summertime,” said Feith. “There aren’t too many fixed-winged, or airplane, tours especially in the mountains because they’re less maneuverable than the helicopters.”

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Greg Feith Tapped as 9News Aviation Expert

Greg Feith is 9News go-to aviation expert.

How extreme heat and altitude affect airplanes in Colorado, 9News, 7/12/22

“Feith said the best time to travel in summer is in the morning or late evening because take-offs are easier and smoother. And you can also avoid a lot of the turbulence, like the wind shear diverted 51 planes on Sunday.”

Extreme wind shear diverts planes from Denver, 9News, 7/11/22

“When you encounter severe wind shear, it’s like a bucking bronco in some cases,” 9NEWS aviation expert Greg Feith said. “The plane will start bouncing up and down, and usually, the pilot will have to make large manual control movements to power through the winds.”

See You at Oshkosh

John and Greg will be at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. See them at the Avemco Insurance booth on Thursday, July 28 at 2 p.m.

China Eastern Crash

China Eastern Update

John Goglia is tapped for his expert insight in this article with the latest findings related to the China Eastern plane crash.

Intentional nosedive caused China Eastern crash that killed 132, US findings suggest, Independent, May 2022

Boeing 737Max

Flight Safety Detectives Recognized for their Expert Take on “Downfall”

Airline Ratings cites Greg and John’s views on the Netflix documentary “Downfall” as expressed in Episode 113.

Recognizing them as “leading industry experts,” this article looks at the real issues that led to the 737 Max crashes that John and Greg and others have brought to light.

Aviation safety expert reviews Netflix Downfall documentary, Airline Ratings, May 21,2022

Analysis of Crash Involving Travis Barker

Greg and Todd on ‘Air Crash Investigation’

To mark the 21st season National Geographic’s cult-classic, Air Crash Investigation, Esquire Magazine looks at why plane crashes still happen. Greg Feith and frequent contributor Todd Curtis are interviewed.

Behind the crash: Seeking answers the world’s biggest air tragedies, Esquire, May 2022

Greg Feith in Simulator at Boeing

Denver International Airport is preparing for different weather than it’s seen in the past

9News recently covered the impact of changing weather on Denver international Airport. Greg Feith is included as a quoted expert.

High wind days have been common lately along the Front Range. Wind delays at DIA can mean the difference between business humming along and things grinding to a halt in a ground stop. Adjusting to weather means facility updates, but also looking at how flights are impacted.

“Depending on where [flights] come from, they can hold for 30 minutes to an hour,” aviation expert Greg Feith said. “Then make the decision to continue to hold if they can get in or make the decision to go to an alternate.”

“Airplanes are in a racetrack holding pattern at various altitudes.”

Denver International Airport is preparing for different weather than it’s seen in the past, 9News