Scott Crossfield Fatal Air Crash

Experienced Test Pilot Doomed by Severe Weather- Episode 151

Even highly experienced pilots can be overcome by severe weather. Todd Curtis and John Goglia discuss the fatal crash that took the life of famed test pilot Scott Crossfield. A thunderstorm boxed him in, leading to loss of control of his Cessna 210A.

John and Todd examine the weather information available to the pilot and to air traffic controllers. Failure to pay attention and communicate about the weather played a key factor in this air crash.

Crossfield was a famous test pilot with more than 11,000 flight hours. He was the first person to break Mach 2 in an airplane.

John and Todd discuss the need to reconsider flying when severe weather is predicted. They note that planes of all sizes can be affected, and a flight delay is often the safer alternative.

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