Flight safety Detectives Greg Feith and John Goglia

Flight Safety Presentations

Flight Department Safety Briefings Like No Other

World-renowned aviation industry consultants and former NTSB investigators John Goglia and Greg Feith offer in person safety presentations for commercial and corporate flight departments. Their flight safety stand-down presentations offer unique insights from their extensive experience with all aspects of aviation safety.

John and Greg share real accident details and takeaways with pilots and mechanics with the goal of avoiding accidents and improving aviation safety worldwide. Typical presentations include:

  • Briefings on known issues related to specific aircraft
  • Findings from accident investigations that go beyond NTSB written reports
  • Insights from their more than 100 years of combined worldwide aviation safety experience

To learn how your flight department can benefit from a stand-down briefing like no one else can offer, contact Greg and John at flightsafetydetectives@gmail.com.

stand-down safety briefing
Greg and John offer a stand-down safety briefing to a corporate flight department in Arizona.