Piper single engine aircraft safety issues

Episode 58 – Piper Safety Issues, Kobe Bryant Crash, Indonesia 737-500 Crash

John and Greg catch listeners up with some major aviation news. Findings are being shared from the Kobe Bryant crash investigation. The 737-500 crash in Indonesia may be the result of a known issue. Piper single engine aircraft now have an airworthiness directive to be addressed along with two service bulletins.

Kobe Bryant Crash

The NTSB Sunshine Hearing about the 2020 Calabasas helicopter crash
covered expected findings related to weather, spatial awareness and preflight planning. Missing was mention of situational awareness and weather avoidance.

Indonesia Sriwijaya Air Crash

The throttle is the focus of the investigation into the January crash of a 737-500. The plane maintenance history does not make clear if a 2001 Airworthiness Directive related to throttle and thrust issues had been completed.

Piper Aircraft Wing Issues

Jason Lukasik, president of JL2 Aviation Consultants and former FAA inspector, returns for continued discussion of the service bulletins and airworthiness directive related to Piper single engine aircraft. The different safety issues addressed in SB 1224C, SB 1304A and AD 2020-26-16 are covered.

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