Icing Issues in General Aviation

Icing Issues General Aviation Pilots Need to Know – Episode 95

Several accidents caused by icing reveal safety information that pilots need to know. As we head into a time when icing can be common, John, Greg and Todd want to be sure everyone avoids the mistakes other pilots have made.

“Icing has greater impact on general aviation aircraft than commercial planes. It is important to be prepared for icing incidents,” Greg says.

In this episode the Flight Safety Detectives focus on one general aviation icing event and relate it to lessons learned from other accidents involving icing. The takeaways benefit all pilots. They dig beyond the stated NTSB findings to highlight how pilots need to prepare for icing and how to manage the situation.

Included is a discussion of the TKS Weeping Wing system. They cover the benefits as well as the shortcomings.

Knowledge is power, and the Flight Safety Detectives want to empower every pilot with the latest insights on how to deal with icing as well as the details of relevant safety regulations.

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