Engine Oil Analysis Gives Insight Into Cessna Crash

Engine Oil Analysis Data Tells a Flight Safety Story – Episode 89

A Cessna 177RG Cardinal RG crash in September 2021 appears to be the result of poor maintenance and pilot error. Greg Feith, John Goglia and Jason Lukasik dive into key elements of the NTSB preliminary report. The engine oil analysis alone gives important insight into chronic engine maintenance issues that likely led to the crash.

The pilot was at Lake Havasu to get fuel for a flight to Reno. The pilot also performed maintenance there to replace the bushings on the nosewheel because he was experiencing a vibration on takeoff and landing.

Witnesses observed the airplane takeoff down the runway at a slow ground speed and noted that the engine sounded rough. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff.

Flight Safety Detectives explore several elements in the preliminary findings that indicate shortcomings in preventative maintenance and annual inspections. They offer particular insight into the value of engine oil analysis and the many insights for engine maintenance.

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